10 Benefits of Blogging for Individuals and Small Businesses

When the concept of blogging came up, it was only used in journals. But with time and the increase in popularity, now people look at blogs with a different perspective and write them for different purposes. People have also narrowed down blogs based on the niche, i.e., now people are writing blogs on food, fashion, … Continue reading 10 Benefits of Blogging for Individuals and Small Businesses

Introduction to Blogging

A blog is an online journal or an informational website that displays the information in reverse chronological order. The latest posts appear first in the list. Many writers use blogs as a way of sharing their point of view with the audiences.  Blogging is becoming a trend among a lot of people.  Many people are … Continue reading Introduction to Blogging

Introduction to Instagram

Instagram In the social media era, the photo-sharing app Instagram is a smartphone app with a social community built behind it for sharing pictures. Instagram is designed to capitalize on the ever-improving technology crossover between smartphones and photography. Hubspot defines Instagram as an entirely visual platform. Unlike Facebook, which relies on text and images, Instagram's … Continue reading Introduction to Instagram

What is Social Media Marketing?

Believe it or not, social media has changed the way we live our lives and has become an important part of everyone's lives. This sector has grown faster than the internet itself. Social Media has changed the way we read news and how we interact with our loved ones. In the year 2004, social media … Continue reading What is Social Media Marketing?

Introduction to Digital Marketing

You might be wondering what is digital marketing? This blog will help you understand the meaning, various channels of Digital Marketing, and benefits of using digital for your brand. With the change in technology, marketing through the internet has become even more important than the traditional means of marketing. Hubspot defines Digital Marketing as "all … Continue reading Introduction to Digital Marketing