Introduction to Blogging

A blog is an online journal or an informational website that displays the information in reverse chronological order. The latest posts appear first in the list. Many writers use blogs as a way of sharing their point of view with the audiences. 

Blogging is becoming a trend among a lot of people. 

Many people are passionate about writing and make blogging a way to earn money in the long-term.

People always confuse websites and blogs. What is the difference between a website and a blog? 

Nowadays, many individuals and companies are adding blogs to their websites for better functioning of their site. Many companies do this for SEO purposes. 

What is the difference between a website and a blog?

Blogs are a type of website that needs to be frequently edited and updated by the author. On the other hand, websites are static and classified into different and static pages. 

Blogs can be a website in itself or a part of a website. 

Previously blogs were an online personal journal a person writes out of passion. Many companies use blogs to draw the attention of the audiences and keep them updated. 

The next question is, how do I identify the difference between the blogs and the website? 

An essential factor that differentiates a blog from a website is that blogs have the author’s name, publishing date, categories, taglines, and bylines. Many blog posts do not have these elements, but websites do not have any of these.

A visitor who visits a website will find static content every time he visits the site, while it will differ for the person who reads a blog, as the blogs have the potential to offer something new every time a reader visits the site. 

Note: the content depends on the schedule of the author. 

Blogging in the 2000s emerged when different political blogs emerged. With time, there were many how-to blogs that gained importance. 

Definition of Blogging defines blogging as writing, photography, and other media that are self-published online. Blogging was started as a personal diary journal and now it is being used by individuals and many companies to attract more target audiences. 

Why is blogging so popular? 

Blogging is becoming popular because anyone can do it. There are many people who write blogs out of passion. Many people are also making a lot of money with the help of blogging. For example, mom bloggers are really popular and gain a lot of readers. Sharing real-life problems and accomplishments about parenting attracts a lot of readers facing the same problem. This way many bloggers found their place on the internet. With the increasing importance of the blogs, many companies now hire bloggers to write about their products online. 

There are many bloggers who are making money with the help of blogs.

With time blogging has become an important source of information. It is important because blogging is not an important medium to share the information with the audiences. It helps to attract more customers and keep them up-to date. With blogs visitors can communicate with you and the brand. 

Bloggers live on the internet!

Who is a blogger? 

A blogger is someone who writes and runs a blog. He or she is the one who share their views and stories on different topics with their audiences. 

Why are many people blogging? 

Do you want to start your own blog? Yes! There are many people who are passionate about starting their own blog. 

Every human being has a story to tell. Many bloggers share their own stories to   share with the readers. These stories can be as simple as their everyday activities to as critical as sharing their point of view on politics.

Note: As a blogger you need to write on topics that you are passionate about and really interests you. 

What to start your own blog?

If you are passionate about writing and want to start your own blog, you can do it in a few steps. 

As a beginner, you can always start by creating a free blogging site of your own on

All you need to do is, go to and start creating a new blogging site for yourself.

Create your free blogging site in just a few steps. All you need to do is go to , create an account by adding your email address, username, and a strong password. You need to choose a domain and a theme of your choice to get started. 

Tip: there is a difference between and With you can host your own site. On the other hand, takes care of everything for you. 

Here is a glimpse of how your website will look once you log in.

A glimpse of your dashboard once you login.

Wondering where to go and write your blog?

It is easy! Go to WP Admin that is available on the left side of the dashboard as shown in the image.

The above image explains how to create a post. All you need to is click on WP Admin, then go to Post available on the left column, and then click on Add new available on the posting page.

Tip: You can also add pages, manage themes, add plugins, and a lot more when you enter the WP Admin.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started today for free at

I hope this blog helped you understand the basics of blogging and why you need to start blogging, and how to go ahead if you are a beginner. 

My upcoming blogs will help you understand and go ahead with blogging in detail. 

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned! 

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